Hiring A Team / An Individual

At, GHANI BUSINESS SOLUTIONS we give you the most satisfied opportunity to hire a team or an individual for a particular period of time. This reduces the hassle to manage and hire employee(s) when the task is not for a very long time or for a very short time. There are different options for hiring that we provide. The hired team/employee is totally dedicated to your work during the hiring period.

Supercharge Your Life With A GBS Virtual Assistant

Your inbox is overflowing, your appointments are a mess, you have work that needs done, and your “to do” list is endless. VA’s have all of the skills to handle both your work and personal needs, and can start relieving your stress immediately.

GBS VA’s Can Complete Many Types Of Tasks, Including:

Research & Reports

Email Management

Expensing & Invoicing

Social Media



We use software that allows you to provide your staff access to data on a need-to-know basis and gives you the option to revoke access at any given time

Information Security

We have full-time staff on site such as an office manager, team leader and trainer that manage and monitor the staff to ensure no paper, pens or electronic devices are brought into the office.

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