How To Choose A Domain Registration Company In Pakistan

If you want to have a website, you will start by choosing a domain name for it. A domain is the center of your internet identity. What things should you keep in mind while choosing a domain?

Keep It Short

You can register a name up to 63 characters long, but remember that people will not remember long domain names, and if they do they can make mistakes in typing the domain name or the email addresses with long domain name. So try to register short names. Now a days there are very less chances that you will get an short English name for a .COM domain. So if you are based in Pakistan, you can go for a name. There are very good short names available for domain registrations in Pakistan. With PKNIC (the authority that registers domain names for Pakistan) you can even find 3 charcter domains as of today.

Free Email Accounts

Two Free Email addresses with every domain you buy. With additional free spam, virus and fraud protection.

DNS Management

Free DNS service on globally distributed and redundant DNS server. Manage every aspect your DNS with every domain name.

Domain Forwarding

Forward your domain name to your other website or parking site. For domains registered with us, there is no need to pay extra for web hosting to use forwarding.

Email Forwarding

Just like our free domain forwarding, you can create free email forwards and redirect to your Hotmail or Gmail accounts.

Bulk Tools Bulk

If you are a power buyer, you will love our bulk domain management tools, comes at no extra cost.

Theft Protection

All domain name registered through us comes with free Domain Theft Protection. You can lock your domains for extra protection.

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